Ready for Hong Kong?

Hey Y'all! Below is information concerning all things Hong Kong.  This tends to be the easiest way to keep information consistent. Enjoy!


Hong Kong Hot Spots


Ozone Skybar (In the kowloon trai stop)

The highest sky bar in the world. Shop, eat, drink, and overlook the entire city.  


Victoria Peak (In central)

Look out over the peak to see the entire city. There are no words. 


jumbo kingdom   (Taxi...)

They have a floating restaurant in hong kong, y'all!!! And it's serving authentic dim sum.


Lan Kwai Fong A.K.A. LKF (Central Train Stop)

The Party Capital of Hong Kong. This is probably where most of our party nights will be. Hong Kong is broken into concentrated districts. This is the party district where most of the bars and clubs live. Gay bar Petticoat is the hot spot to be. Mescalito with our Samba, Zenni, is always a fun pregame spot. Most importantly, Free vodka drinks for men on Wednesdays.


Ladies Market (MongKok Train stop)

The bargaining hub of Hong Kong. This is where you go to negotiate the best deals on souvenirs, jewelry, accessories, clothing, and more. Be careful, these shop owners are skilled bargainers. Bring your A game.


Tsim Sha Tsui A.k.a. TST (In Tsim Sha Tsui Train Stops )

Best way to look out over the water, wonderful restaurants, and they even have their own version if the WALK OF FAME in Hollywood with a Bruce Lee statue in the center.


Free roaming monkeys (Kowloon RESERVOIR)

There are free roaming monkeys in Hong Kong. They are running this area like a gang. You want some pics with monkeys looking hood AF? This is your place. Beware!


Ocean Park (Ocean Park Train Stop)

An aquarium, an amusement park, and more. The hot spot for controlled adventure. 


Big buddha (Tung Chung Train Stop)

A site to behold. A stunningly beautiful statue towering over the hills. You get there by cable car. Afterwards, you walk through the town to the temples and to Big Buddha. Look out for cows. They are permitted to roam freely around the area. There is also a fishing village at the bottom of the hill that is still built on sticks. It's worth a look.


Hong Kong Disneyland (Tung Chung Train Stop)

It's cute. I work there. You get in for free.


Macao (The las vegas of asia)

A different country in Asia that's just an hour boat ride away. Everything Vegas has x10. Gambling, drinking, fantastic shows, and sin. A full on spectacle. If you like The Horseshoe in Baltimore (shade) then you'll love this.


Dark Flight (In Macao)

This is a really cool ride that just opened in Macao.


House Of Dancing Water (In Macao)

Crowned the greatest show in Asia. A show with water, massive diving, dirt bikes, projections, a massive ship, and more. You will be stunned from beginning to the end... and we get to go backstage. 


Harry Potter Cafe (In Mongkok)

They gave this b**** his own restaurant! WTF! Serving butter beer and more things from the book.


Dragon's Back (In East Hong Kong)

Do you like hiking? Well, this is the most famous hiking trail. And it leads to a beach.

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