PR Radio

by TS Hawkins, Langston Darby

RADIO INTERVIEW Part 1: Nova D co-founder, Davon Williams, shares why he left Philadelphia and moved to LA in part one of his interview with PR Radio Station's Q2TT. 

RADIO INTERVIEW Part 2: Nova D co-founder, talks about his first national commercial and being mistaken for a white man... (Caution: Strong Language) 

RA DIO INTERVIEW Part 3: Nova D co-founder, Davon Williams, talks about his Campbell's Commercial and shooting a project in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

 RADIO INTERVIEW Part 4: In part four of his interview, Davon discusses celebrating his first birthday in LA and his introduction to the underground life.

 RADIO INTERVIEW Part 5: In the final part of his interview, Davon discusses his company, Nova D.