The Welcome Table

by Jesimiel Jenkins with guest Davon Williams

Davon Williams sits down with The Welcome Table host, Jesimiel Jenkins, to discuss perspective and his time performing in Hong Kong. Hear segments below or listen to the entire interview here: The Welcome Table

Welcome Table Intro: Jesimiel welcomes Davon and they discuss the background of this Baltimore native.

Welcome Table Segment 2: Davon discusses growing up in Baltimore, going to college and having a career in Philadelphia.

Welcome Table Segment 3: Jesimiel and Davon discuss what it means to be black.

Welcome Table Segment 4: Davon shades Facebook posers, shares lessons he gained from the Philly Theatre scene, and what the Bible taught him about success.

Welcome Table Segment 5: Davon discusses his life in Hong Kong outside of performing, "South African Church" in Hong Kong, and being a part of a Dragonboat team.

Welcome Table Segment 6: Davon shares how he is shaping his own perspective.